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On what "green" technologies to build the EU power supply system

Fossil resources on the planet are limited, therefore, while maintaining the pace of their use, two ways of human development can be considered: the transition to new resource-saving and energy-saving technologies with almost 100% processing of secondary resources, or a return to the 18-19th century to the use of horses with a simultaneous drastic reduction in the population.

The development of any state depends on the provision of energy, so the reduction in gas supplies from Russia to the EU is perceived extremely painfully, as it can destroy the economy of individual EU countries and, first of all, Germany. The energy industry occupies one of the priority and significant positions in the economy of any state, which is why all countries strive to gain energy independence from external suppliers. However, the set of existing power generation technologies is limited and does not make it possible to build an independent and self-sufficient power supply system.

Today, energy generation mainly occurs by burning fossil fuels. However, when it is burned, greenhouse gases are released into the air. As a result, processes leading to dramatic climate change are taking place. Nuclear energy can be considered as an alternative, but nuclear reactors in themselves pose a big risk, and no one can guarantee the safe storage of nuclear waste for dozens of generations, although the energy crisis of 2021 caused an increase in interest in nuclear energy, since this type of power generation is not accompanied by CO2 emissions.

The heat that has been established in Europe this year has led to an increase in water temperature and, for example, in France this has led to the problem of the operation of nuclear power plant cooling systems, French nuclear reactors operate at less than half their capacity, which has led to the need to purchase electricity from neighboring countries.

Solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower are also possible alternatives. However, the potential for geothermal and hydropower is limited. Solar and wind are also real opportunities among "green" energy sources, but require rather large energy storage and transmission lines, expensive maintenance, since sunlight and wind are not always present exactly where and exactly when there is a need for energy. It was the calm weather in the EU in the summer months that became one of the reasons for the energy crisis in 2021 and provoked an increase in gas prices.

The complex of climate problems is exacerbated by the fact that in order to keep climate change within acceptable limits, it is necessary to make a transition from cars with internal combustion engines to cars with electric propulsion.This process leads to a number of other problems.The mass production of electric vehicles requires a significant amount of additional electricity.However, if electricity is not generated from renewable sources, all electromobility becomes meaningless and pseudo-green.

The geopolitical confrontation of 2022 has led the EU countries to return to coal-fired power generation, which is the most "dirty" of the existing power generation technologies, however, the strategic course of abandoning fossil fuels for the EU energy needs remains unchanged, although such an energy transition will require more than a dozen

The powerhouse of the EU economy is undoubtedly Germany. We must pay tribute to German science and industry, which in the shortest possible time is able to introduce revolutionary scientific developments into production. As for the energy sector, it is extremely difficult to develop and implement a fundamentally new technology of power generation, therefore, the information that Neutrino Energy Group has not only developed, but also in 2023 in Switzerland will begin licensed industrial production of 5 kWh power sources intended for power supply to households , and generating electricity from the conversion of the kinetic energy of particles of the invisible radiation spectrum, including neutrinos, makes us believe that in the medium term it is possible to abandon fossil fuels in energy and transport. Licenses for the production of such current sources have also been sold to companies from Russia and the UK, negotiations are underway with a number of other countries.

Why is invisible radiation needed as an energy source?

The use of energy fields of radiation of the invisible radiation spectrum, including the flux of neutrinos, and other energy fields is one of the real ways to solve climate problems. The neutrino flux to the Earth is about 60 billion particles per second for every cm2 day and night, regardless of the time of day, season, weather, etc. There are different opinions about neutrinos, while some scientists are sure that neutrinos, having super-penetrating abilities, do not interact with matter in any way, however, the results of COHERENT experiments conducted at the Oak Ridge laboratory (USA) prove that neutrinos participate in weak interactions with nuclei substances. “Using the energy of the radiation fields, we will have a zero-emission renewable energy source, a giant inexhaustible energy field that will provide us with more energy every day, the potential of which is greater than any fossil fuel left on Earth today,” says Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of the company Neutrino Energy Group.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of Neutrino Energy Group

Is there enough energy for everyone?

The amount of energy generated in the process of converting the energy of the surrounding radiation fields of various types, including artificial radiation, such as electrosmog, is initially minimal. However, the results of scientific research have been optimized, as a result of which the generated amount of energy can be increased by connecting additional power generation modules. According to these confirmed results, enough energy is produced to meet the daily needs of the operation of home technical equipment, and in the future for industrial use - this new technology should be available to the widest consumption in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, scientists from Neutrino Energy Group have created a super-hard innovative multilayer material made of graphene and silicon.

The thermal Brownian motion of graphene atoms is enhanced by the external action of radiation fields, causing the appearance of "graphene waves" on its surface, which are observed with a high resolution microscope. The geometry of the nanomaterial is chosen in such a way that the resulting microvibrations are amplified by resonance, which is removed from the generating plate in the form of a direct electric current.

If, for example, the body of an electric car is completely made of such a metamaterial, then it can continuously generate the necessary traction current. In this case, the batteries will only be needed as a backup for special loads, such as overtaking or climbing uphill. During normal driving, braking or parking, the battery is charged without being connected to the mains. In this regard, there is no need to build a network of charging stations.

Instead of power plants that generate electricity centrally and then redistribute it over many hundreds of kilometers of transmission lines, there will be many small, decentralized power units located directly where the energy is consumed.Power lines and the associated significant energy losses, as well as electrical smog from power lines, will be a thing of the past.

Neutrino Energy Group is working with a large number of international partners to realize this concept. Of course, it does not set itself the task of carrying out alone such global economic processes that accompany the introduction of Neutrinovoltaic technology. Cooperation with technologically and production-strong partners in various countries will make it possible to solve the problem of rapid industrial implementation of development, optimization of technology with a view to its practical application in many areas of industry and in everyday life, the first and decisive steps for this have already been taken.

Author: Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D.


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