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Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO

NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH

NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH is a German-American research company led by mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart . It is headquartered in Berlin and, in collaboration with a team of scientists from around the world and various international research centers, is engaged in applied research in the conversion of the invisible spectrum of radiation from the sun, among others neutrinos (high-energy particles that continuously reach the Earth), into electricity. Particular attention is paid to cooperation with universities and higher educational institutions in the field of fundamental research and the formation of an international research network on alternative energy technologies.

The business goal is to inform the public about new energy production technologies and bring them together with production to the market. As the name suggests, neutrinos, as part of the invisible cosmic ray spectrum, play an important role in this.

The company is part of an international alliance and network of companies and institutions that are united in the NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP. The economic goal of the NEUTRINO ENERGY Group is to develop and sell technical application solutions for everyday use based on the results of fundamental research in the study of the transformation of the invisible spectrum of radiation.

The American parent company NEUTRINO INC., Founded in 2008, is planning an IPO soon on the NASDAQ American technology exchange.


Scientific Advisory Council

Neutrino Deutschland GmbH

GP Erwin Wolski  (Chairman of the board)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl  (Deputy Chairman of the Council)
Dr. Hans Wilhelm Koch
  (Deputy Chairman of the Council)
Prof. Dr. R. Strauss
  (Deputy Chairman of the Council)

Prof. Dr. N. Bennett
Samuel rosen
  (Deputy Chairman of the Council)
Dr. Vijay pandurang bhatkar
Prof. Dr. Xi Wu
  (Deputy Chairman of the Council)

Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D. (Deputy Chairman of the Council)

Dr. Elak sadunahb tarahb
Prof. Dr. A. Benjamin

Prof. Dr. Frank Müller
Prof. Dr. A. Khan
Prof. Dr. Douglas
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Josef Gruber

Prof. Dr. Ing. habil G. Kruse
Prof. Dr. A. Lashe
Dr. Vladimir Lunin
Dipl.-Ing. Markus schneider
David Abramson
Prof. Le wang
MinR iR Mag. Gernot spanninger
Dr. Thorsten ludwig
Prof. Dr. Vojislav V. Mitic´
Werner & Jack
Teresita T. Chism
Dr. Mosaraf ali
Prof. Murdoch
Mijo (Milan) Ljubicic
Skenderbeg klaiqi
Ufuk Sevinc
Luca marcante
Prof. D. Smith
Karl Paschek
Bernard hiller
Dipl. -Ing. Rainer J. Zenker
Dr. -Ing. Yavuz M. Dedegil
Dr. phil. Karl Zechmeister
Dr. Frank Meyer-K.
Dr. Dr. J. Becker
Prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Capjon
Prof. Håkan Edeholt

Prof. Dr. B. Adam

Dr.-Ing. habil Lutz Rothe

Prof. K. Lauterbach

Dr. Dr. Ing. F. Gallo

N. D. Karle-Karelina, Director of the Russian branch of the Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, Chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage of the SFM, President of the International Consortium of Women's Organizations in Support of Ecotechnologies
A.E. Karpov, President of the Soviet Peace Fund, twelfth world chess champion (1975-1985), international grandmaster, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
A.G. Grigoryants - Prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, General Director of the Moscow Center for Laser Technologies, Head. Department "Laser technologies in mechanical engineering" MGTU im. N.E. Bauman
Prof. Dr. Takahashi haruto
Guddi geiger
Yashwant Patil
Prof. Dr. P. Collins
Prof. F. Hutchinson
Albert & Arnold
CMM Dr. Alexandre pereira
Klaus heller
Günter Dittebrand
Dr. David Reichenbacher
Dipl.-Betriebswirt Markus Kusterer
Prof. J. Rothschild
William spencer
Prof. Dr. A. Christos
Phil & Peter Maria
Dr. B. Iwanischwilli
Prof. N. Bennett
Dr. Dr. Gennadi Fjodorov
Dipl.-Ing. Li Qiang
Prof. G. Singer
Dr. B. Schubert
Prof. J. Annaud

Prof. I. Ramon

Georg hard

Franz xaver bruckmayer

Prof. R. Powell

Dr. A. Luck
Prof. Dr. Dr. Chr. Canalis
Prof. AJ de San Miguel
Anna-Sophia Gräfin von Schwerin
Prof. P. Raphael
Prof. Dr. U. Schleicher
Dirk H. Schadach
Dr. Etienne simpson
Peter E. Boos
Prof. Dr. B. Bischoff
Prof. VR Darabash
Prof. Dr. A. Takaito
Dr. A. Bárány
Prof. Dr. Ing. W. Gabriel
Prof. Dr. A. Prenner
Prof. M. Parroni
Thomas leonhardt
Prof. E. Mitchell
Prof. Dr. L. Bokova
Prof. Dr. C. Clauss
Florian herzog
Stefan Hackländer
Lisa bouikidou
Dipl.-Ing. Peter klocke
Dipl.-Physiker Sigwart Zeidler
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jochem unger

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Wilfried becker
Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg
Dr. Wolfgang granig
Dr. Ing. Robby armin fröhlich

Prof. Dr. Ajaya bhattarai

Joseph Hess (SWING)
Abdullah Ünal

Greta Thunberg (Honorary Member)

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