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Neutrino Power Cubes - environmentally neutral energy generation for every home

The escalation of the international situation has clearly marked the EU's trends towards phasing out energy from Russia on the one hand, and putting an end to the environmental devastation currently produced by fossil fuels on the other. While all the attention of the world community is focused on Russia's SWO in Ukraine, the theme of the environmental disaster caused by petrochemicals has gone by the wayside: the accumulation of plastic and poison.

Petrochemical production is releasing carcinogens and genetic modifiers into food and water supplies, while plastic waste pollution has reached historic highs.The first step towards overcoming this problem is to eliminate humanity's dependence on fossil fuels.

Environmental crises are ignored

It is necessary to focus on the catastrophic consequences of climate change in order to understand the full scale of the horrendous environmental catastrophe that has inevitably been looming over us since the 1950s, and is causing dire consequences for many people.In May 2022, the Mauna Loa Background Atmosphere Observatory in Hawaii recorded the highest level of carbon dioxide in the past 4 million years, as reported by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

When companies like DuPont learned how to make plastics and other synthetic materials, people felt they had found their salvation.However, at that time no one could have predicted that these fossil fuel-derived substances would have such a devastating effect on the environment that a few degrees of global warming would lead humanity to dire environmental consequences.

The Pacific Ocean is now surrounded by massive islands of plastic debris, much of which was produced by China, India and other countries in Southeast Asia. The use of synthetic substances such as xenoestrogens is harming and changing plant, animal and of course human life all over the world, so people should stop this practice.

Humanity must drastically limit the use of petrochemicals and fossil fuels

As long as people continue to use fossil fuels for their energy needs, the use of these toxic substances in industry is inevitable. Even if we assume that we can stop using plastics in everyday life, humanity will never be freed from the non-biodegradable mass of waste that destroys the surrounding space, unless the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation and the production of petrochemicals is not completely eliminated, which now seems unrealistic.

The current generation must find a solution to environmental problems, primarily in the field of energy supply and transport without greenhouse gas emissions, and in parallel to solve the issue of petrochemicals.

Truly green energy will lead to more manufacturing innovation

The introduction of petrochemistry was such a watershed in the history of human industrial progress that the effects are still being felt today.It's hard to imagine civilization without polymers and petroleum-based fuels, but manufacturing scientists are proving it's possible.

Drinking straws made from petrochemicals are out of favor or outright banned in many countries, and major manufacturers are switching to plant-based polymers that are highly biodegradable.Before mankind can achieve any significant success in combating the environmental consequences of petrochemicals, such actions are nonetheless critical in the ongoing environmental war over the fate of mankind.

Petrochemicals will play a lesser role in people's lives in the future as countries rely less on fossil fuels for energy, and finally it will make economic sense to eliminate the harm that fossil fuels pose to every living person on the planet.But the rapid shift away from fossil fuels and petrochemicals can be just as disruptive, so change must be progressive and innovative.

Neutrinovoltaic - a revolutionary discovery by the Neutrino Energy Group

Renewable energy technologies are certainly the future of energy, but until recently, the status of renewable energy research and technology has not been advanced enough to meet the world's demand for electricity without burning fossil fuels.It will take some time to completely switch to renewable energy sources, and these will be revolutionary new technologies that are not even related to wind and solar energy, depending on weather conditions.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group

An example of new technologies for power generation of the future can undoubtedly be considered the development of Neutrinovoltaic - a technology for power generation under the influence of particles of the invisible radiation spectrum, including neutrinos, created by Neutrino Energy Group. Founded by the German energy scientist Holger Thorsten Schubart, the Neutrino Energy Group brings together the world's best scientists in the fields of physics, energy and engineering into a scientific alliance. Since 2008, a team of scientists has done a huge amount of experimental work to create a nanomaterial that allows you to convert the kinetic energy of particles of the invisible radiation spectrum into electric current. As a result of research, scientists managed to create a multilayer nanomaterial from alternating layers of graphene and silicon with the addition of alloying elements. Such a nanomaterial deposited on an A-4 size metal foil has an output power of 3 W with an output voltage of 1.5 V and an output current of 2 A. The side of the foil with the nanomaterial applied to one side becomes the positive pole, and the other side without the nanomaterial becomes negative , this structure allowed scientists to connect them in series and / or in parallel with each other to achieve the required current and voltage output characteristics. The series connection of such power generating plates is achieved by simply placing them on top of each other, like a stack of writing paper, and pressing for a reliable series connection, which ensures compact power sources. The first industrial serial Neutrino Power Cube power sources designed for household power supply with an output power of 5 kWh will begin to be produced under license conditions in Switzerland during 2023. The production of Neutrino Power Cubes and power sources for other purposes, including electric vehicles with autonomous charging nanogenerators using Neutrinovoltaic technology, will be deployed in Russia in the coming years with 100% localization of production. The contract for such work was concluded with one of the Russian partners.

Energy technologies such as Neutrinovoltaic, created on the basis of the development of new nanomaterials, are in demand on the market and have broad prospects for creating an environmentally friendly energy of the future.


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