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International recognition of revolutionary Neutrinovoltaic power generation technology

The successful implementation of any discovery depends on its recognition in the scientific world and, as a result, on the degree of investor confidence in the possibility of profiting from its implementation.Practice has shown that such processes usually take more than one decade.The current international situation has marked a special priority for perhaps two sectors of the economy: energy and grain.

Energy security is the basis of the life of any state

The development of mankind has come to the stage of the need to change the existing paradigm of energy development and develop new energy technologies that are not related to traditional energy. One way or another, solar radiation will be the source of new energy, however, solar energy, which converts the sun's rays of the visible radiation spectrum, depends on weather conditions, and its efficiency in cloudy weather decreases sharply. Also, the operation of wind turbines depends on weather conditions. Therefore, scientists are constantly looking for new energy generation technologies that do not depend on the influence of external factors.

Power generation from radiation of the invisible spectrum

Gradually, the understanding is coming that if we follow the beaten path, modernize in one way or another the existing technologies of power generation, humanity will never achieve independence from fossil fuels, the reserves of which are finite.Uranium should also be classified as fossil fuel, the reserves of which are also limited, and the massive construction of new power units of nuclear power plants every year requires an increasing amount of uranium fuel.For example, the reserves of uranium deposits in Nigeria were recently estimated at 6% of the world's total, today they are close to depletion.

In this regard, the statement of the company Neutrino Energy Group on the development and implementation of Neutrinovoltaic technology, as a way to generate electricity under the influence of invisible spectrum radiation, was perceived at first in the world very ambiguously, because, firstly, a person does not feel such radiation on himself, secondly, it was not clear how energy could be obtained from radiations that could not be felt, and thirdly, an extremely limited number of scientists seriously dealt with this issue.

However, gradually a number of well-known international scientific centers began to confirm the reliability of the scientific results published by the international research company Neutrino Energy Group, headed by the president, mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. Moreover, it should be noted that the copyright holders and developers of Neutrinovoltaic technology did not order such examinations, which were carried out on their own initiative by the research centers listed below or by order of independent companies, and Neutrinovoltaic, a technology for creating a nanomaterial that converts the kinetic energy of particles of radiation fields, including neutrinos, was reproduced in accordance with patent specifications WO2016142056A1 and EP3265850A1.


The first positive review came from the Swiss Institute of Technology, which tested the Neutrinovoltaic technology for Neutrino Energy Group's primary investors. A comprehensive series of tests carried out in the mountains of Switzerland, in a concrete bunker at a depth of 30 m, placing the tested nanomaterial in a Faraday cage, showed that an electrogenerating plate, which is a metal foil with an A-4 multilayer material applied to one side, produces a direct electric current. with a power of 2.5-3.0 W, which fully confirmed the characteristics declared by Neutrino Energy Group. This independent study was an important argument for concluding a licensing agreement with a large Swiss technology company for the production of Neutrino Power Cubes energy sources designed for autonomous power supply of households. The Neutrino Power Cube test samples currently developed combine 7 power generating modules and generate a gross power of 7 kWh, however, up to 2 kWh of the generated power goes to the "own consumption" of the cube, because. The Neutrino Power Cube has several outputs with different power ratings for both DC and AC 220V and 380V, resulting in power loss when the generated energy is converted by the electronics. The geometric dimensions of the Neutrino Power Cube, which include, in addition to 7 power generating modules, also control elements along with electronics for converting the generated current, make it easy to place it inside residential premises. At the request of customers, the output power can be increased by connecting additional power generating modules.

In January 2021, it became known that the German automobile concern Daimler, as a result of testing at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, received confirmation of the technical characteristics of the technology for converting solar radiation of the invisible radiation spectrum into direct electric current declared in patent WO2016142056A1. An independent review was carried out under the guidance of Professor Victoria Martin. The very request and activity of the Daimler auto concern are due to the strategic interest in Neutrinovoltaic technology in terms of its use in relation to new models of electric vehicles in the face of fierce competition in the global automotive market.

Today, Neutrino Energy Group receives a large number of requests from well-known international scientific universities, including Russia, India, the USA, Great Britain, etc., for the scientific support of the project. Moreover, many of them independently produced nanomaterials, taking as a basis the description of technology to patents, and measured the output current and voltage. Some scientists reported that the Neutrinovoltaic technology was tested in the laboratory and showed even better performance than the Neutrino Energy Group indicated in its own publications. Neutrino Energy Group has repeatedly confirmed that it is ready to discuss with representatives of the scientific community the possibility of joint additional research, the implementation of theoretical and practical work to study the principle of operation of the technology, as well as its further improvement and increase in efficiency. energy generating plates, as well as promoting the interests of Neutrino Energy Group in various countries.

“At a time when some still see the future of fossil fuels, we have created a new energy technology that will have global implications for the world in the near future,” comments Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of Neutrino Energy Group.

Author: Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D.


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