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The planet is threatened with extinction while maintaining the dynamics of temperature increase

A group of scientists from the USA, Germany and China published an article in the publication of the American Academy of Sciences, in which they came to the conclusion that humanity is facing a climate “final” in the next decade if it does not begin to pay enough attention to climate change today.In the worst scenario, humanity is waiting for extinction.According to their data, over the past 30 years, greenhouse gas emissions have increased significantly in the world - by the end of the century, because of them, the average temperature on the planet could rise by 2.1-3.9 degrees.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN also published a report in which it indicated that the Earth is waiting for an irreversible catastrophe due to global warming, the planet will overcome the critical temperature threshold as early as 2030.

A few years ago, many Russians only laughed at global warming, saying that they didn’t mind if it were warmer in Russia.However, recent years, and especially the summer of 2021 and the summer of 2022, show that there is a problem and that it is an extremely serious problem, and in the EU countries, thousands of people have already died from prolonged heat, rivers have become shallow, groundwater is leaving, which leads to a sharp reduction in drinking water supplies.water for the population, navigation on the river Rhine is about to stop.

The heat led to problems with the cooling of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, and their electricity generation was sharply reduced. The natural disasters that have befallen us, the fires, the perishing crops have forced many to change their superficial attitude to environmental issues. “Specialists are well aware of this: the growth rate of the average annual air temperature in the Russian Federation over the past 44 years has been 2.8 times faster than in the global dimension,” Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with members of the government, spoke about the increase in the average annual temperature in Russia. In turn, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand emphasized that natural factors have a lesser impact on climate change compared to human activities.

At present, alternative energy is understood mainly as solar energy and wind energy, however, given the weather conditions, only some regions of Russia have the potential for the construction of wind farms and solar power plants.The main share of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere not only in the process of energy generation, but also when using transport.

The development of electric transport in the concept currently being released will require serious investments in infrastructure and, last but not least, additional generation of electricity, which should be without a carbon footprint. The current types of power generation do not allow completely abandoning the combustion of fossil fuels for electricity generation. The crisis in the electricity supply of the EU countries, caused by the reduction in gas supplies from Russia, has already led to a sharp increase in coal-fired power generation with huge emissions into the atmosphere. The energy crisis in Europe even threatens to destroy the economic model of Germany, which made the country a leading power in Europe.

Objectively assessing the situation, it should be noted that it is impossible to change the structure of power generation in a short time, it will take decades even with new proven environmentally friendly technologies, the energy industry is an extremely conservative industry and investments in it are long-term. In addition, new power generation technologies are unique breakthrough inventions that appear 1-2 times per century, so the announcement by Neutrino Energy Group of the start of commercial production of Neutrino Power Cubes power sources in 2023 deserves special attention.

Neutrino Energy Group in a short time managed to go from an idea to the full development of Neutrinovoltaic technology, a fundamentally new type of distributed power generation, and proceed to its implementation.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group

The essence of the idea underlying the work of the scientific group headed by the doctor of economic sciences, mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart, is to create compact Neutrino Energy Cubes nanogenerators with a net power of 5 kWh for power supply of local objects, such as individual houses.Critics quite rightly say that such a small power generation cannot replace the power generation of large blocks of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants.Neutrino Energy Group President Holger Thorsten Schubart makes his case:

“The need for electricity is increasing due to the automation of production processes, the development of the IT industry, and population growth.According to experts, by 2050 the demand for electricity will double compared to 2020, which is determined, among other things, by plans for a large-scale transition to electric vehicles.

It is unpromising to increase additional power generation using fossil fuel combustion, and the generation of electricity by solar panels and wind turbines depends on weather conditions and is unpredictable, in addition, the problem of processing spent solar panels and wind turbine blades has not yet been solved, which is a serious environmental problem.

It is unpromising to increase additional power generation using fossil fuel combustion, and the generation of electricity by solar panels and wind turbines depends on weather conditions and is unpredictable, in addition, the problem of processing spent solar panels and wind turbine blades has not yet been solved, which is a serious environmental problem.

The most important task that Neutrino Energy Group has already begun to solve is to incorporate nanogenerators into the body of electric vehicles.For these purposes, Germany is creating its own research and production complex.Work on creating a body for such an electric vehicle is already being carried out in India by C-MET on the basis of a partnership agreement with Neutrino Energy Group.These second-generation zero-emission electric vehicles are the future, as they do not require external charging.

The principle of operation of Neutrinovoltaic nanogenerators is based on the ability of graphene to convert the thermal Brownian motion of graphene atoms and the kinetic energy of particles of surrounding energy fields into a direct electric current. Energy fields mean a neutrino flux, which is about 60 billion particles through 1 cm2 of the earth's surface per second, antineutrinos, terahertz rays (T-rays), electrosmog and other radiation, the nature of which may not be known now. The basis of the material that converts radiation is graphene, which is applied to a metal foil and alternates with doped silicon layers. The transformation mechanism lies in the peculiarities of the vibrations of graphene atoms, which occur in the form of a “graphene” wave, while the stronger the effect of radiation, the stronger the amplitude and frequency of the “graphene” wave oscillations. The addition of alloying elements serves the purpose of making graphene's electron clouds flow in one direction, thus generating a constant electric current. The vibrations of graphene atoms also depend on temperature: the higher the temperature, the stronger the vibrations of graphene atoms.

A set of closely packed pressed plates, which means connecting them in series with each other, constitutes an energy module, and connecting the energy modules with each other in series and/or in parallel provides the necessary output characteristics of the current sources.

Neutrinovoltaic technology opens up the widest possibilities in the field of power supply, its practical implementation will provide autonomous power supply and eliminate the monopoly of power supply enterprises, and the release of electric vehicles with built-in Neutrinovoltaic nanogenerators will mean a technological revolution in the automotive industry. The development of Neutrinovoltaic technology is a timely invention and a real answer to the growing demand for energy supply without a carbon footprint. The widespread introduction of technology is an additional tool for mankind in the struggle to prevent global warming on the planet and an ecological catastrophe.


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