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Forecasts of energy development in the 21st century from an expert

After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and especially after the accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, the world persistently voiced demands for the abandonment of nuclear power generation and the need for an accelerated transition to solar energy and wind generation.The argumentation of opponents of the development of nuclear energy has always been based on the danger of this type of power generation and the presence of radioactive waste. The situation with shelling by the Armed Forces of Zaporozhye nuclear power station adds arguments to the opponents of nuclear power generation.

But why, for example, when Germany categorically rejects nuclear energy and closes nuclear power plants, Japan practically abandoned the development of nuclear energy, France continues to operate them and is not going to close them, selling excess electricity to other countries, including Germany? The United States and Poland in October 2020 entered into an agreement on cooperation in the field of expansion, modernization and development of Poland's nuclear energy program and plan to build several nuclear power units within 20 years.

Why is there no common consolidated opinion on reforming the energy sector in the process of moving away from fossil fuels?

Rumyantsev L.K., candidate of technical sciences, a specialist in nuclear power plants and alternative energy, deputy chairman of the scientific advisory board of Neutrino Energy Group, expressed his opinion on this topic.

Rumyantsev Leonid. It seems to me that at present only developed countries with a high per capita income can afford to switch to alternative energy, and first of all, solar and wind energy. It's no secret that the price for electricity from these two types of power generation is higher than for electricity from burning fossil fuels and, in fact, is subsidized. In addition, their critical dependence on weather conditions, the lack of the most favorable places for placing wind turbines and solar panels, the unresolved problem with the disposal of spent solar panels and wind turbine blades, the need to build expensive storage systems for excess generated electricity - all these factors are a serious limitation. for the large-scale construction of solar power plants and wind turbines and for the elimination of fossil fuels.

As you know, the price for electricity generated by nuclear power plants is one of the lowest, so countries such as Poland, Hungary, India, China, Russia and many others are extremely interested in getting cheap electricity, and they are not afraid of nuclear energy, especially that new blocks with an increased level of protection are now being built in case of a global accident. The modes of operation of modern nuclear power plants make it possible to operate them not only in the basic mode, but also in the maneuverable one. However, the readiness of not only terrorists, but also individual states to carry out sabotage and shelling of nuclear power plants will be a serious deterrent to plans to build new power units.

Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D., Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of Neutrino Energy Group
Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D., Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of Neutrino Energy Group

Over the past three years, the world media have been actively discussing the possibility of generating electricity under the influence of surrounding radiation fields.Even the term “free energy” has been introduced. Do you think this direction is promising?

Rumyantsev Leonid. The creation of fuel-free generators (FGs) of "free energy" is of great interest, since it would allow saving fossil fuels for future generations. Currently, there are two directions of work on FGs: the effect of permanent magnets on a rotating flywheel, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of such an installation by several times, and the second direction is the use of the latest nanomaterials to convert the energy of particles of surrounding radiation fields into electric current. In installations of this type there are no rotating parts, which means that it does not create discomfort during operation and practically does not require maintenance. It is difficult for me to judge the prospects and results of work in the first direction, but the results of the work achieved in Germany by a group of scientists from the Neutrino Energy Group under the guidance of Doctor of Economics and mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart are very impressive. The technology developed by Neutrinovoltaic makes it possible to create FGs of various capacities, including those for electric vehicles. In my opinion, this development, if widely implemented, can reasonably claim the title of the most important discovery of the 21st century.

History knows many inventions and discoveries that were not appreciated by contemporaries and were not properly developed.In the sector of energy and electric transport, you can take, for example, the results of the work of the brilliant Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, modern science cannot reproduce so far.

Rumyantsev Leonid. I agree that without the introduction of discoveries in the industry, no matter how ingenious they are, they remain only discoveries. But I am sure that the work of Dr. Holger Thorsten Schubart will have a different fate. Being not only a scientist, but also a highly professional organizer, he was able to interest a large investment business in the results of his work, which provided investment capital for the implementation of the development. This gave a quick result, and already at the end of 2023 - beginning of 2024, the licensed industrial production of Neutrino Power Cubes fuel-free "free energy" generators with a net power of 5-10 kW, intended for power supply of housing construction, will begin in Switzerland. According to the developers, this is currently the most demanded and technologically developed products on the market.

Can you briefly describe how Neutrino Power Cubes fuelless generators work, their overall dimensions and approximate cost?

Rumyantsev Leonid. The mechanism of power generation is based on the property of graphene to stably exist only in the 3D plane due to the peculiarities of its crystal lattice. Vibrations of graphene atoms, which, due to the presence of a hexagonal crystal lattice, lead to the appearance of wave-like vibrations of a graphene film, are an inexhaustible source of electricity. A single layer of graphene film is capable of generating a very small power of electric current and does not make it practical to use it. The decision of Neutrino Energy Group scientists to make the nanomaterial multilayer by placing layers of doped silicon between graphene layers made it possible to obtain a voltage of 1.5 V and a current of 2 A from a 200x300 mm plate. The Neutrinovoltaic technology involves the deposition of a nanomaterial on a metal foil. This results in different poles: the coated side has a positive pole and the uncoated side has a negative pole. Given that the vibrations of graphene atoms depend on the thermal Brownian motion of atoms and the impact of particles of the surrounding fields of radiation of the invisible spectrum, primarily neutrinos, the plates are arranged one above the other, like a stack of writing paper, and are pressed together to achieve a stable serial connection. This ability to connect plates ensures the compactness of the Neutrino Power Cubes. Having a set of such power generating plates, any engineer will draw up a diagram of their connection to achieve the desired output power characteristics of the FGs in terms of current and voltage.

Neutrino Power Cube with a net power of 5-6 kW will be produced in the form of an electrical panel (cabinet), which will conditionally be divided into 2 sections: the power generating section, where the electrical modules are located, and the section for installing the control system. The generating compartment has a size of 800x400x600 mm and a weight of about 50 kg. In the part of the control system, inverters will be placed to convert the generated direct current into alternating current with a voltage of 220 V and 380 V, there is also a DC connector for direct connection of computers and various devices and gadgets. To date, the calculated price of such a "free energy" generator, estimated by a Swiss company, is 11000 euros. Based on the level of electricity prices in European countries, the payback will be 2-3 years.


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