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The world needs a new Tesla

It's no secret that in the scientific world only a few scientists can actually generate scientific ideas and make discoveries.In conditions when technological independence becomes the basis of stability and even survival of the state economy, the value of such people increases many times over.

The events connected with Ukraine have once again clearly shown that energy is the most important branch of industry.The power supply structure formed over decades, which is based on the power generation of large power plants with a system of transformer substations, is very vulnerable, especially in a situation of political and military confrontation.The lack of electricity instantly paralyzes the entire industry and life, a modern person is not able to survive without electricity, especially in megacities.

The more autonomous and distributed the power generation system is, the more resistant to external impact is the power supply system, but its foundations should not be based on technologies related to the combustion of fossil fuels, due to the limited reserves of it and the negative impact of such power generation on the dynamics of the increase in the average annual temperature,which will soon turn significant territories of the Earth into areas unsuitable for human life.

Investments in the energy sector are designed for decades, therefore, building a distributed power generation system is a gradual evolutionary transition, most likely associated with innovative revolutionary solutions in the field of power generation and the use of new materials.

The transition strategy to electromobility will require an increase in electricity generation, and weather-dependent wind turbines and solar power plants cannot be guaranteed sources of electricity supply, that is, they can be considered as an intermediate alternative energy option due to the lack of other more technological solutions, the purpose of which is to make sources of pollution of power generation from settlements. However, the overall negative impact on the climate will not change. Mankind must find a solution in an extremely short time for a guaranteed electricity supply without carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. It is in this direction that the efforts of scientific thought should be concentrated. At first glance, this is an extremely difficult task, the solution of which can be based on already existing methods of generating electricity, which will no longer stop the dynamics of the increase in the average annual temperature, the melting of glaciers, the rise in the level of the World Ocean, the desertification of vast territories and the avalanche-like flows of climate refugees. The world needs a new Nikola Tesla, who would create a technology for obtaining "free energy", it is in this type of energy generation that humanity sees a chance to finally get an alternative to the use of oil and gas, which cause irreparable harm to the environment.

There are many researchers working on fuelless generators (FGs) of "free energy", but 99% of them have focused on the creation of FGs of "free energy" under the influence of permanent magnets on a rotating flywheel, which requires fine tuning.There are many works on such a design, but they cannot go into mass production in any way, one can only guess about the reasons.

Although it is necessary to welcome any developments proposed for building distributed power generation, it is not enough to invent - it is necessary to introduce and establish mass industrial production of generators.Moreover, the introduction can be carried out only through retail sales for the power supply of individual households, it is naive to hope that for a wholesale buyer of electricity, which is the power grid, FGs "free energy" will be of interest.

Serious market prospects await "free energy" FGs, which have no rotating parts and do not require constant maintenance. An example is the Neutrino Power Cubes generators developed by the science and technology company Neutrino Energy Group based on Neutrinovoltaic technology under the leadership of President Holger Thorsten Schubart. The know-how of the development is to create a multilayer nanomaterial from alternating layers of graphene and doped silicon deposited on a metal foil. A 200x300 mm power generating plate generates a voltage of 1.5 V and a current of 2 A. Multilayer coating on one side of the foil results in different poles: the coated side has a positive pole, and the uncoated side has a negative pole. This allows them to be placed one above the other and pressed together to obtain a reliable serial connection of the plates.

HolgerThorsten Schubart, президент научно-технологической компании Neutrino Energy Group
HolgerThorsten Schubart, президент научно-технологической компании Neutrino Energy Group

It has been scientifically proven that graphene can only exist stably in the 3D plane due to the peculiarities of its crystal lattice. A group of scientists from the University of Arkansas, in independent studies, confirmed and substantiated the discovery of a unique phenomenon, announced earlier by the scientific and technological company Neutrino Energy Group, that graphene-based nanomaterials can become an almost inexhaustible source of clean energy, and showed that undulating vibrations of a graphene film are this inexhaustible source. A very significant discovery was made - a wave appeared in graphene, like waves on the surface of the sea, arising from a combination of small spontaneous movements and leading to the appearance of larger spontaneous movements. The impact of the thermal Brownian motion of graphene atoms, as well as the impact of particles of the surrounding radiation fields, primarily neutrinos, having mass, summing up with the displacements of other atoms, causes the appearance of surface waves with horizontal polarization, known in acoustics as Love waves. Due to the peculiarities of the graphene crystal lattice, its atoms vibrate as if in tandem, which distinguishes such movements from the spontaneous movements of molecules in liquids.

Neutrino Power Cube with a net power of 5-6 kW will be produced in the form of an electrical panel (cabinet), which will conditionally be divided into 2 sections: an electric generating section, where the electric generating modules are located, and a section for installing a control system. The generating compartment has a size of 800x400x600 mm and a weight of about 50 kg. In the part of the control system, inverters will be placed to convert the generated direct current into alternating current with a voltage of 220 V and 380 V, there is also a DC connector for direct connection of computers and various devices and gadgets. To date, the calculated price of such a "free energy" generator, estimated by a Swiss company, which will start licensed production of Neutrino Power Cubes in late 2023 - early 2024, is 11,000 euros. In the conditions of the European market, such a cost allows the buyer to recoup the costs within 2-3 years.

The introduction of this new technology into practice means the beginning of reforming the energy supply system in favor of new environmentally friendly technologies and the start of the process of forming an autonomous distributed energy supply system - the most important factor for the economy of any state and the well-being of mankind in any crisis situations.


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