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Neutrinovoltaic power generation together with Russia - Neutrino Energy Group

The tense international situation is formatting fundamentally new political and economic relations between states. Many international companies are leaving the market, writing off the huge losses associated with the urgent sale of companies that have spent billions and huge efforts to develop them.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH and President of the international holding Neutrino Energy Group, which, regardless of the political situation, not only continues to work on the Russian market, but also deepens cooperation by creating new company structures, shares with us his opinion that must be done in the current situation by companies wishing to cooperate with Russia.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH and President of the international holding Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH and President of the international holding Neutrino Energy Group

Mr. Schubart, there has not been such a critical situation in relations between Russia and Western countries, perhaps since 1945. What are your forecasts, what could this lead to from an economic point of view?

Schubart: I think that globalization and the international division of labor can be forgotten at the moment. Sad as it may seem, but the introduction of large-scale sanctions against Russia shows that states or persons who do not want to integrate into the Western world order, or, roughly speaking, obey, will be forced to rely only on themselves, their own production and science. And this is a catastrophe for the development of civilization on a global and holistic level. Such a scenario can lead to the fact that advanced developments, innovative technologies will no longer be publicly available, significant and necessary research for mankind will come to a standstill in the future, which will lead to the widespread use of outdated technologies with accelerated consumption of natural resources, the reserves of which on Earth are extremely limited.

Why do you think this happened and who is to blame for this situation?

Schubart: Unfortunately, the collapse of the Soviet Union gave rise to a sense of permissiveness in the international arena and the desire of one state to dictate its vision of the world order to other countries. But I especially want to note that the unification of Germany was a step in the right direction, one and the same people cannot be divided into different states. Political forces that come to power, especially in European countries, as a rule, did not have and do not have the necessary political foresight today, people come to power who can only speak beautifully or shout and promise heavenly life, without having the slightest practical experience in government, not to mention high-quality and fundamental education. I am deeply convinced that ministries should be led by highly professional and highly qualified specialists, and not by professional politicians.

Politicians have repeatedly shown themselves to be incompetent leaders. It is fundamentally important for the Cabinet of Ministers to pursue a single coordinated political agenda, but the presence in the government of groups of people with different worldviews and political ambitions does not allow achieving the set goals, especially when party-political considerations dictate managerial decisions, and not reason and clear common sense. The inability to resolve contradictions is especially strong in the conditions of the most severe crisis. In Germany, one even gets the impression that the media dictates the direction in which politics should move, and these decisions are made only so that they may please the public.

Taking into account the current international situation and the negative development of international markets, will you change your development concept and focus only on the German market or the EU market?

Schubart: Absolutely not. We are analyzing the international and national economic policy of the EU, and, unfortunately, at the moment the outlook is negative. The confiscation of Russia's international reserves in dollars and euros has undermined confidence in these currencies as a store of value, and the current inflation makes keeping money in accounts risky and pointless. In addition, the share of these currencies in world trade will continue to decline.

Our company works in the energy sector, we are the developers and owners of the unique Neutrinovoltaic technology, which allows you to generate electricity under the influence of neutrinos and surrounding radiation fields. But tell me how I, as CEO, can develop business in Germany, when, for example, as reported by the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection prepared amendments to the energy security law, which, among other things, provide for external management and nationalization of energy companies. Of course, we do not own power plants or other critical energy infrastructure, but we do have extensive specialist KNOW-HOW and significant intellectual property in the energy technologies of tomorrow, and the very idea that such private property could be confiscated is extremely a negative signal in terms of the overall development of the economy and the choice of Germany as a place for the implementation of business plans. Therefore, we will be even more committed to developing Neutrinovoltaic power generation capacity in other countries, including the fast-growing markets of China and India, Brazil and South Africa, by cooperating with local businesses and having a limited shareholding in joint ventures. In Russia, we have already registered, with the participation of our Russian partners, the Progressus Neutrino joint venture for the production of Neutrino Energy Cubes power sources for household power supply, which provide power generation without connection to power lines.

We will also, and I would like to emphasize this, continue to expand mutually beneficial cooperation with our Russian partners, scientists and friends. I think this is especially important at the present time. This is the bridge of cooperation that will lead us back to peace. We will not evaluate anything and condemn anyone, we will fulfill our mission and thus make a decisive contribution to the process of finding ways to return to a normal life, which also takes into account the needs and feelings of those who think differently.

Can you briefly describe what the Neutrino Energy Cubes power sources are?

Schubart: Neutrino Energy Cubes for household power supply are a set of power generating modules connected to each other in series and / or in parallel to achieve the required output current and voltage. These modules are placed in an electrical control element together with electronics to convert the generated current not only into direct current of the required characteristics, but also alternating voltage of 220 V and 380 V. Currently, we are mastering sources with an output power of 5 kW, but at the request of customers, the output power can be increased by connecting additional power generating modules.

The power generating module is a set of densely packed power generating plates placed in a separate housing. An electrogenerating plate is a metal foil with a multilayer nanomaterial deposited on one side of alternating layers of graphene and silicon with the addition of alloying elements. The coated side of the metal foil is the positive pole, while the uncoated side is the negative. The vibrations of graphene atoms under the influence of Brownian motion are amplified by the external influence of the surrounding radiation fields, which causes a resonance of vibrations of graphene atoms, which is removed in the form of a direct electric current. Atomic vibrations at resonance make it possible to enhance the recoil of electrons upon contact with doped silicon. Graphene is a material that converts the energy of radiation fields, including the neutrino flux, into electric current.

The compact overall dimensions of the Neutrino Energy Cube source with a useful power of 5 kW make it easy to place it in a house or apartment.

How do you assess the market demand for Neutrino Energy Cubes?

Schubart. Already today we have signed contracts for the supply of Neutrino Energy Cubes, which allow us to load the construction production facilities for more than 10 years of work. When production reaches its design capacity, the demand for Neutrino Energy Cubes will only increase.

An important question is the price.

Schubart: It's hard to talk about price right now, but sooner or later we'll see a rapid increase in prices for literally all materials, logistics, and therefore labor. If we assume that there is no inflation, then the retail price of the Neutrino Energy Cube will be 10,000 euros. Considering the increase in electricity and heat bills in the EU, for example, the purchase of Neutrino Energy Cube will be an excellent investment for every consumer.


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