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Energy policy determines the world order and contributes to the preservation of peace

The geopolitical crisis against the background of the established heat, accompanied by forest fires and crop failures both in Europe and in certain regions of Russia, has a negative impact on the development prospects of most industrial companies in the world.Inflation in the United States and, to varying degrees, in all EU countries was the result not only of coronavirus restrictions, but also of a complex “reaction” in connection with the introduction of harsh comprehensive sanctions against Russia, as well as the grossest mistakes in the economic policies of the countries themselves.

The uncontrolled emission of unsecured financial resources in the coming years will lead to the fact that the "rest of the world" will switch to mutual settlements in national currencies using the blockchain system, which will deprive the US and EU countries of the opportunity to influence and control other countries. In this case, the issues of possession of advanced technologies and, first of all, the possession of advanced energy technologies will come to the fore. No one denies the importance of other innovations, for example, in the field of IT, medicine, communications, but if there are problems in energy supply and nutrition, everything else will become secondary.

Solving energy supply issues also has a special humanitarian function, contributing to the strengthening of trust and mutual understanding between countries, and joint international scientific projects and technological developments can become the very bridge that will help bring states and individuals closer, even not necessarily representatives of scientific or political and commercial circles.

That is why the president of the Neutrino Energy Group, Holger Thorsten Schubart, when building long-term cooperation with Russian partners to introduce a new energy supply technology and organize the industrial production of Neutrino Power Cubes power sources with 100% localization in Russia, pays special attention to interaction with the Soviet Peace Fund headed by its president Karpov Anatoly Evgenievich to solve the humanitarian problems facing humanity as a result of political crises and the aggravation of the international situation. According to Mr. Karpov A.E., - “Given the special significance of the project in humanitarian and peacekeeping activities for humanity and the environmental health of the Planet, we fully support the work of Neutrino Energy Group. The introduction of technology that contributes to the restoration of the economic, political and social balance of a society that wants to live in peace and create peace is the primary task of world science.”

Karpov A.E., President of the Soviet Peace Fund
Karpov A.E., President of the Soviet Peace Fund

Increasing prosperity in many countries of the world, primarily in China and other populous countries, leads to intensive consumption of resources. In the coming decades, the world will face a massive shortage of minerals, which will inevitably lead to wars for control of the remaining deposits and numerous casualties.

The calculation of developed countries on the opportunity to buy resources at higher prices by issuing currencies is unlikely to be justified, since international settlement systems are already being developed that exclude the dominant position of USD, EUR and the currencies of other developed countries.

In this aspect, the refusal to burn fossil fuels for energy is the most important task not only to achieve independence from energy-importing countries, but also to conserve resources for the benefit of future generations.

For Russia, the sale of energy resources is one of the main sources of replenishment of the country's budget, and therefore a guarantee of the well-being of millions of pensioners, state employees, etc.But at the same time, the course towards refusing to burn fossil fuels is today the main vector for the development of energy in the world, but this course cannot be determined by the decisions of the administrative circles, no matter how good intentions they are based on such decisions.

The new technologies that are being developed today to provide replacements for fossil fuels must be efficient and cost-competitive, and must use market "tools" to win their share of the energy market. Therefore, Russia has time to rebuild the economy and find new sources of budget replenishment, but this time is limited and it is necessary to help not only the construction and operation of enterprises not related to the resource economy, but also to transform the energy sector, given the availability of new technologies.

Why Neutrinovoltaic technology solves not only a technical problem, but also a political and humanitarian one?

Karelina N.D., director of the Russian branch of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH
Karelina N.D., director of the Russian branch of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH

The creation of a joint Russian-German venture Progressys Neutrino for the industrial production in Russia of Neutrino Power Cubes of power sources that convert the kinetic energy of particles of surrounding radiation fields, including neutrinos, is a step towards transforming the energy sector, taking into account the latest technologies associated with the emergence of new nanomaterials. The joint work of German scientists from Neutrino Energy Group with Russian scientists and business structures is one of the important steps towards building trust between peoples. According to the director of the Russian branch of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, Ms. Karelina N.D., - “The organization of licensed production of Neutrino Power Cubes in Russia with 100% localization, as well as other DC sources, including electric vehicles with Neutrinovoltaic nanogenerators built into its body, will allow Russian industry to produce high-tech products of strategic importance for the development of Russia, as well as organize supplies to third countries. The license agreement with Russian partners will create new high-tech jobs, the need for which President Putin V.V. repeatedly said in his speeches.

What is special about Neutrino Power Cubes?

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group

Neutrino Power Cubes is an eco-friendly and stand-alone power generation solution. Power sources can be placed directly at the point of consumption of electricity, which allows consumers to abandon the centralized power supply, while Neutrinovoltaic technology guarantees zero emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The mass introduction of Neutrino Power Cubes power sources in Russia will make it possible to create a system of distributed power generation and increase the energy efficiency of the state, given its territory, a factor that requires high costs for organizing and maintaining the efficiency of a centralized power supply. According to Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of the Neutrino Energy Group, “The introduction of a fundamentally new environmentally friendly Neutrinovoltaic technology will allow Russia to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the country's image and will solve a lot of environmental problems. For our company, which brings together the peaceful work of scientists and engineers from more than 30 nationalities, the peaceful mission that we pursue is especially important. Our company offers humanity not just a technological, but also a humanitarian solution for environmentally friendly energy supply in the context of a political crisis.”

In this process, we highly appreciate the support of the Soviet Peace Fund for our project, understanding of its technological and political significance, and we personally thank the President of the Soviet Peace Fund, Mr. Karpov A.E.for trust and commitment to the cause of world peace.”

Authors: Karpov A.E., President of the Soviet Peace Foundation, Deputy of the State Duma, Karelina N.D., Chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage of the Soviet Peace Foundation, Director of the Russian branch of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D..n., deputy.Chairman of the scientific advisory board of Neutrino Energy Group


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