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"Iron Curtain" and innovations in energy generation

The split of the world into hostile blocs, separated by the Iron Curtain, is unfortunately an objective reality of today, which has led to the stagnation of international cooperation in all economic and social aspects between these blocs.

Foreign companies are leaving Russia, losing decades of well-established profitable business in a market that has always had the status of one of the most important in the world, suffering enormous losses. A similar situation is with Russian business, forced to hastily leave the markets of the so-called. "unfriendly" countries. Joint economic and scientific projects become victims of geopolitical confrontation.

The theory of the international division of labor in such conditions has not shown itself to be viable, and countries in their development rely on their own resources. It can be said that an economic iron curtain is descending on the borders of Russia, which is a consequence of the introduction of various sanctions imposed on any even far-fetched pretext. However, the desire to rely solely on one's own forces and resources can have an extremely detrimental effect on one's own economy and the standard of living of the population. Lack of competition is the path to stagnation, degradation and diktat of already domestic monopolists. It is extremely important to avoid such development of the state economy and make every effort to maintain economic ties with the leading economies of the world in order to possess innovative competencies and technologies.

Of great importance in the development and implementation of advanced technologies is the consolidation and exchange of scientific developments, since global climate change on Earth is rampant and will certainly affect the interests of all mankind, and the mental perception of the situation by a large part of the population, unfortunately, is described by a capacious definition - “after us, at least flood".

One of the priority issues of any economy is energy supply. You can do without, for example, various IT programs, but heat and electricity are a vital necessity. The issues of transformation of energy and transport in the event of the rejection of fossil fuels are the most urgent task of today. Solar and wind power generation, as well as electromobility based on charging from a centralized power supply, as well as hydrogen energy and hydrogen transport, are more likely to be an intermediate step on the way to abandoning the use of fossil fuels. have serious disadvantages, such as dependence on weather conditions, and the production of hydrogen itself requires a lot of energy, while it is very fluid and unsafe. In this regard, there is a reasonable need for the development of technologies based on new technological principles.

graphene waves
graphene waves

In recent years, special attention has been paid to the use of graphene to radically improve the characteristics of various products. After the discovery of the first two-dimensional material graphene in 2004, a real boom in the field of graphene application began in the world. The largest countries in the world are deploying large-scale government programs in an effort to become leaders in the field of graphene technologies. But the graphene market is not kilograms of "graphene raw materials", but technologies based on it, applied developments and patents. Graphene, like other two-dimensional materials, can be combined with each other, obtaining fundamentally new properties. It is safe to predict that graphene or other two-dimensional material will be present in one form or another in many devices of the future.

Graphene is extremely promising for creating materials that make it possible to convert cosmic radiation of the invisible spectrum, as well as other electromagnetic radiation and heat fluxes, into electric current, i.e. we are talking about creating power generation based on fundamentally new technologies.

The leader in such applied research is undoubtedly the Neutrino Energy Group, which is successfully deepening cooperation regardless of political pressure and against the backdrop of sanctions on the Russian market, under the leadership of businessman and mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. The company has developed a fundamentally new power generation technology called Neutrinovoltaic.

The creation of the technology involves solving the problem of automating the process of creating and applying a nanocoating on a metal base-substrate of size A-4 and above. The appearance of special equipment for applying the invented nanomaterial to the substrate will mean a sharp decrease in production costs and an increase in labor productivity.

The technological complexity lies in the fact that the invented nanomaterial consists of alternating multilayer layers of graphene and doped silicon with the addition of alloying elements. There is already a similar equipment in the world for applying films on a metal base, but on small surfaces, because. it is difficult to ensure the deposition of a monatomic layer of a substance, since an increase in the surface leads to uneven deposition of a monatomic coating, which negatively affects the output characteristics of the power generating plate. However, this is a complex, but purely technological task, which process engineers are currently working on.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group

According to Holger Thorsten Schubart, “The company's designers have found a solution for coating A-4 metal foil and are working on a technology for coating A-3 metal substrate, which in the future will increase the output current of the power generating plate by 2 times, which means will affect the compactness of the 5 kWh output Neutrino Power Cubes, which will be produced under license on an industrial scale in Switzerland from 2023. The indisputable competitiveness of our development is determined, first of all, by its uniqueness and market demands for the creation of generating current sources that can be placed inside the cases of not only various electrical appliances, gadgets, etc., but, which is especially important now, inside the cases of electric vehicles. We are currently working on the creation of our own Pi-Car brand, a fully autonomous light electric vehicle with a small battery. The power of the current from the Neutrinovoltaic's built-in DC generators in its body will be enough to create traction power during a calm ride, and during a lane change, start moving or going uphill, the peak of energy consumption will be compensated by a small battery.

Energy generation from current sources created on the basis of Neutrinovoltaic technology occurs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and does not depend on weather conditions. Neutrinovoltaic power sources do not have the disadvantages inherent in such power generation technologies as solar, wind power generation and hydrogen energy, and also surpass them in terms of price and performance. The Neutrino Power Cube DC power supply is compact, low maintenance and undemanding to the installation site.

The path of development and implementation of new technologies is certainly a thorny path, full of difficulties, prohibitions and obstacles. Nevertheless, against the backdrop of the aggravated political and environmental situation, it is the emergence and rapid introduction of new peaceful technologies that can give real chances for the progressive development of the economy at the global level.

Author: Rumyantsev L.K., Ph.D.

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