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Demand for new power generation technologies creates solutions

The development of scientific and technological progress is a process that cannot be stopped despite difficult political events, when the confrontation in the world has acquired a truly dramatic scale, and the world community has not fully processed the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which has made its own adjustments to the development of the economy.

In the current situation, the elites of countries clearly understand that the possession of the latest technologies will allow not only individual companies, but also the state as a whole to ensure the stability of the economy, self-sufficiency and independence from external factors.

Currently, energy issues have come to the fore in world politics and economics.Sanctions against Russia showed the vulnerability of Western countries, but this also raised the question of the need to accelerate the launch of developments in the field of alternative energy sources to the market.

The heat that set on the European continent showed the weaknesses of even nuclear energy: a sharp drop in the level of rivers and an increase in water temperature caused serious problems with the cooling systems of nuclear power plants, for example, in France.Therefore, the appearance on the market of new developments in the field of power generation, not related to those already existing on the market, is of great interest to both the scientific community and manufacturing practitioners.

In recent years, special attention has been paid to the Neutrino Energy Group's technology for generating electricity, called Neutrinovoltaic.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, president of the company and scientific director of the development, explains the choice of the name by the fact that neutrinos, along with the thermal Brownian motion of graphene atoms, the total share of which in the nanomaterial created by the company is from 50 to 75%, as well as particles of other surrounding radiation fields, play a very important role.a significant role in the process of generating electricity and is an international term, understandable in any language, which contributes to brand recognition.

The idea of ​​obtaining electrical energy from the impact of cosmic neutrinos arose in the early 2000s, when researchers, in the process of working with materials to increase the efficiency of solar batteries, encountered a previously unobserved phenomenon of increasing atomic vibrations of the material under study, so Neutrinovoltaic is somewhat very remotely reminiscent of solar power generation. This accidentally discovered effect served as the starting point for many years of painstaking research by Holger Thorsten Schubart and an international team of scientists.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President, Neutrino Energy Group

The essence of the development is the creation of a material capable of converting various radiations into electric current. However, the fundamental difference from solar power generation lies in the fact that the energy of particles of the invisible radiation spectrum is converted, which are relatively constant and do not depend on the time of day or the season of the year. Such factors make it possible to place power generating plates in a dark room, in contrast to solar panels, which require sunlight falling perpendicular to the surface of the panel in order to obtain the highest possible efficiency.

Note that scientists do not fully know what the surrounding radiation fields are, so now it is impossible to say which radiation is decisive in the generated power, but this is of interest rather for scientists, and for consumers of electricity it is important that the power supply is reliable, andthe price of the received electricity is affordable.

The experimental results obtained by the company's scientists showed that neutrinos and the temperature Brownian motion of atoms provide an overwhelming effect on the magnitude of the generated power of electricity. Such data are based on a comparative analysis of the results of experiments carried out with the tested electric generating plate of A-4 size, placed in a "Faraday cage" at a depth of 30-35 meters underground in a concrete bunker and completely excluded the impact of any radiation, except for neutrinos and Brownian motion. atoms, to the process of generating direct current, and under normal conditions at the same ambient temperature. The results of the experiments were almost the same, the devices recorded a power of about 3.0 W obtained from an A-4 size metal foil with a multilayer nanocoating created by Neutrino Energy Group applied to one side of it. A decrease in temperature to -25°C led to a decrease in the generated power by 40%, which proves the influence of the temperature Brownian motion of graphene atoms on the power of power generation.

Based on the fundamental research of the world's leading scientists in this field, Neutrino Energy Group scientists were the first to show and patent a multilayer nanomaterial consisting of alternating layers of doped silicon and graphene, which is capable of generating direct current.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, many discoveries never reach the stage of industrial implementation, or many decades are required for their implementation.For example, the method of amplifying light originated from an idea that the young Einstein developed in 1916.He predicted the existence of the phenomenon of stimulated emission - the physical basis of the operation of any laser, and the first laser was built only in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman in the Hughes Research Laboratory based on the theoretical work of Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Shawlow.

However, today dramatic climate change and the global confrontation between the world's leading powers contribute to the rapid implementation of the development of Holger Thorsten Schubart and a group of his associates.Already in 2023, it is planned to produce the first sources of electricity with a capacity of 5-10 kWh, designed to supply residential buildings.Neutrino Energy Group continues extensive research to use its invention also for electric vehicles, boats and other equipment.


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