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The energy of radiation fields will work for a person

The confrontation in the world has reached such a level that a global military conflict threatens to break out.The experience and grave consequences of the two world wars of the 20th century on the European continent are obviously forgotten and not the smartest politicians are paving the way for the third and last world war on Earth.

Instead of directing all financial and intellectual resources to the development of peaceful technologies for the benefit of the entire civilization, countries direct them to the creation of deadly weapons, competing with each other, whose weapons are more deadly.

Obviously, the peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all mankind is an impossible dream.

The most acute humanitarian problems in the world today are the stabilization of the healthcare system against the backdrop of the catastrophic spread of the coronavirus epidemic and the transformation of the energy sector. It is these sectors that have an increased priority in terms of investment - the development of new technologies in the energy sector and the creation of a high level of medical support in order to finally slow down the two-year march of the pandemic.

Mass migration to metropolitan areas makes the population very vulnerable to the spread of various infectious diseases, and mass quarantines lead to a shortage of human resources in the workplace. The decommissioning of thermal power plants and thermal power plants or even substations as a result of hostilities or sabotage can completely de-energize any modern multi-million city with catastrophic consequences for its inhabitants, which in winter will lead to the instant destruction of the district heating system of buildings. These are really vital topics that are worth thinking about and looking for urgent and reliable solutions.

In this context, it should be noted that, for example, Germany, the economic leader of the EU, is successfully working on the creation of a system of decentralized electricity and heat supply. Modern centralized power generation and heat supply systems are not able to solve such problems, they are extremely vulnerable.

Germany announced the concept of building an extensive power supply system, which will not only secure the energy supply system, but, most importantly, reduce losses in the power grid and comply with energy transition plans and phase out of fossil fuels.

Germany has accumulated extensive experience in the operation of wind turbines and solar panels, which, along with such undoubted advantages as the possibility of refusing to burn fossil fuels, also have pronounced disadvantages - dependence on weather conditions and the unpredictability of power generation. Of course, it is possible to multiply the number of wind turbines, and use the excess generated electricity, for example, to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen. However, already now in Germany they are faced with a lack of space for the installation of helicopter generators, and residents do not want to live in their immediate vicinity. In addition, the number of birds has decreased, which leads to an increase in harmful insects.

However, over the past two years, large investments in Germany have been directed to the development of Neutrinovoltaic energy generation technology by converting inexhaustible radiation fields into electricity, developed by the German-American company Neutrino Energy Group (President Holger Thorsten Schubart), which informed at the end of 2021 about the purchase in Germany two production sites to start industrial production of Neutrino Power Cudes nanoelectric power generators for individual use, as well as to expand scientific, technical and research work within the framework of the NEUTRINO Energy project.

At the same time, licenses were issued for the production of products in several countries, Switzerland is closest to the start of mass production of Neutrino Power Cudes.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President Neutrino Energy Group

What is the uniqueness of Neutrinovoltaic technology?

Most experts who have become familiar with this technology note the ease of development and financial affordability of Neutrino Power Cudes in terms of the possibility of their acquisition by the widest segments of the population, paying attention to the use of inexpensive and widespread materials in the production, the absence of operating costs, as well as the stable output power of nanogenerators. energy that does not depend on external factors such as, for example, weather conditions. It is noted that natural and artificial radiation fields are available anywhere on the Earth, which makes it possible to receive electricity even during the polar night, when the sun does not appear for several months.

The main trends in the development of energy, according to many experts, one way or another will be determined by the development processes and the emergence of new nanomaterials and metamaterials with desired properties, such as the use of superconductors. Bearing power losses during the delivery of electricity from the producer to the consumer is becoming a great luxury in modern conditions.

Neutrinovoltaic technology is an example of this trend, as obtaining graphene and studying its properties as the main component of a nanomaterial used to convert the energy of radiation fields into electric current became possible only at the beginning of the 21st century.

The scientific leader of the international group of scientists who created such a nanomaterial, mathematician, doctor of economic sciences Holger Thorsten Schubart, notes: “In the process of work, we realized that not only the materials used are important, but also the total thickness of the nanomaterial, since it is with the thickness we use that the maximum fluctuations are achieved. graphene atoms. Graphene belongs to 2D materials, but shows signs of 3D materials. External influences of energy fields, including the flow of neutrinos, in combination with their own Brownian motion of atoms, lead to their increased vibrations, which, in turn, are due to the structure of the hexagonal crystal lattice, and cause a "graphene wave" or ripples, which can be observed in a microscope with strong resolution. The use of high purity graphene and the addition of alloying elements cause graphene electrons to flow in one direction. By studying thematic scientific publications, we found an explanation for this phenomenon in the published materials of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: the effect was what physicists call "oblique scattering", when clouds of electrons deflect their movement in one direction.

By energy fields we mean any radiation fields of natural and artificial origin: neutrinos, antineutrinos, electrosmog, terahertz radiation and other electromagnetic radiations, the nature of which we may not yet know today. The generated power also depends on temperature, and this is a very important parameter. We are also starting to work on the implementation of our development for the needs of electromobility, every driver knows that in sunny weather the car body heats up, and this energy is wasted. In our case, the temperature will lead to an increase in the oscillations of graphene atoms and, as a result, an increase in the generated current power. Today we have achieved the following technical specifications: 1 m3 of densely packed power generating plates will produce a power of about 36 kW at a room temperature of 23.7°. No less important for the Russian audience is the information that, together with our Russian partner, the industrial production of Neutrino Power Cudes will be organized as part of the Progressus Neutrino joint venture.

To achieve this goal, funds will be invested in the construction of a number of enterprises for 100% localization of production in Russia.

I fully support the opinion of our Russian partners that joint peaceful developments, the introduction of new technologies and the organization of production contribute to the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of Russia and Germany, the stabilization of the world economy and the reduction of conflict in the political situation in the world.”


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