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Revolutionary German technology Neutrinovoltaic: neutrino is the "fuel" for power generation

The escalation of the international situation has led to an acceleration in the pace of work to diversify the energy industry in order to move away from burning fossil fuels for energy. It is impossible to rebuild power generation in a short time due to the lack of flexible and reliable technologies. One of the main areas of alternative energy can be considered the conversion of solar radiation into electricity.

The sun emits a wide range of different types of radiation. Visible light produced by the sun and other stars is only a small part of the total radiation that occurs in the universe, and most of it is radiation of the invisible spectrum.

In combination with the invisible spectra of radiation from other stars, ethereal particles such as neutrinos penetrate the Earth from all sides 24 hours a day. A number of scientists from the German-American company Neutrino Energy Group are confident that Neutrinovoltaic power generation under the influence of neutrinos and other radiation fields on a multilayer nanomaterial invented by them, consisting of alternating layers of graphene and silicon with the addition of alloying elements, will be able to create a real addition to existing methods of power generation, including solar energy and wind generation.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, генеральный директор Neutrino Deutschland GmbH и президент международного холдинга Neutrino Energy Group
Holger Thorsten Schubart, генеральный директор Neutrino Deutschland GmbH и президент международного холдинга Neutrino Energy Group

Limits of Solar Cell Technology

When photovoltaic cells are exposed to direct sunlight, they operate at maximum efficiency. While solar panels are still capable of generating power on cloudy days, the amount of electricity they can generate on cloudy days is much less than the amount of electricity they can generate on sunny days.

Thus, solar panels perform optimally during the summer months, but their electricity generation is significantly reduced during the winter months. For many regions of the world, winter presents an additional challenge when solar panels become practically unusable for a certain period of time. In addition, they have to be constantly cleaned of snow, dust and dirt.

To provide electricity at night and during periods of low power generation, owners and operators of solar panels are forced to store excess energy in batteries in order to keep their systems working. Batteries, even the most advanced ones, degrade over time, and the production and disposal of high-capacity batteries pose a significant environmental risk. In addition, solar panels are relatively expensive, adding to the already high cost of switching to renewable energy.

The power of neutrinos is limitless

Neutrino Energy Cubes power sources, developed by Neutrino Energy Group, do not have the drawbacks inherent in solar energy in terms of efficiency and reliability. Holger Thorsten Schubart, the project's scientific leader and the company's CEO, states: “It is important for us that neutrinos pierce through the superhard nanocoating and cause graphene atoms to vibrate. The interaction of low-energy neutrinos with the nuclei of matter has been proven by the experimental data of the COHERENT project and is called “coherent elastic neutrino-nuclear scattering (CEvNS). Higher-energy neutrinos, including high-energy and ultra-high-energy neutrinos, in our opinion, also cause an increase in the vibrations of graphene atoms during collisions with the nuclei of nanomaterial atoms. Such an interaction can be represented as follows: like a stone thrown into water causes waves on the surface of the water, although the energy loss when crossing the nanocoating may be small. However, the flow of 60 billion neutrino particles per second through 1 cm2 of the earth's surface causes the appearance of "graphene" waves.

When the internal vibration frequency of graphene atoms, caused by the temperature Brownian motion of graphene atoms, coincides with the frequency of graphene atoms caused by the action of neutrino particles or particles of other radiation fields that have mass, then such a phenomenon as the vibration resonance of graphene atoms arises, which increases by several timesrecoil of electrons upon contact of "graphene" waves with layers of doped silicon.

In order to direct graphene electrons in one direction, the internal symmetry of the nanomaterial, or what physicists call "inversion", must be broken. Usually, graphene electrons feel an equal force between them, which means that any incoming energy scatters electrons in all directions, symmetrically. Using high-purity graphene in the created nanomaterial, as well as adding alloying elements according to patent No. EP3265850A1, the scientists of Neutrino Energy Group managed to break the inversion of graphene and cause an asymmetric flow of electrons in response to incoming energy.

Neutrinovoltaic power generation does not depend on weather conditions and generate electricity day and night, operating in the base mode.As a result, it is no longer necessary to store electricity in large batteries.

Neutrinovoltaic is tomorrow's technology with the widest range of applications

Neutrino Energy Group is actively developing Neutrinovoltaic power sources for various purposes, including the creation of a Pi electric vehicle with Neutrinovoltaic power sources built into its body.Neutrinovoltaic power generation can not only complement the existing types of alternative energy, but also take a significant role in the power generation market, because.has undeniable advantages in comparison with them:

1. Neutrino Energy Cubes are placed directly at the place of energy consumption, which eliminates the need to build power lines and eliminates power loss during power transmission.

2. Minimum operating costs.

3. Work in the basic mode 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.

4. Compactness. The overall dimensions of the Neutrino Energy Cubes sources with a useful power of 5 kW, which will be produced for the power supply of households, make it easy to place them in a house or apartment.

5. Neutrino Energy Cubes will have outputs for DC of various power, as well as AC 220V and 380V.

Commercial production of Neutrino Energy Cubes will begin in the next 2-3 years in several countries. According to Holger Thorsten Schubart, “Russia has a highly educated scientific staff, and Russian specialists have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quickly and efficiently develop production capacities. President V. Putin and the country's leadership have set a goal, despite the presence of sufficient fossil fuel reserves, to gradually transfer the economy without the use of fossil fuels, using the best global and domestic technologies, so Neutrino Energy Group sees the potential for broad cooperation and the introduction of Neutrinovoltaic power generation in Russia in as part of the "energy transition" and Russia's refusal from power generation based on the combustion of fossil fuels. In Russia, together with our Russian partners, we have already registered a joint venture, Progressus Neutrino, for the production of Neutrino Energy Cubes power sources for household power supply, which provide power generation without the obligatory connection to power lines.”


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