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A new type of alternative energy will solve the problem of energy confrontation

The year 2021 has ended, a very difficult year in terms of economic and geopolitical confrontation between large states and a year that changed the way of life of billions of people due to massive infection with coronavirus and sharply raised the topic of global warming and the threat of an environmental catastrophe.

We are talking about the results of the year, the confrontation in the world, the trends in the development of world energy, innovations, victories and disappointments in 2021 with a man for whom this turbulent year has realized one of the most important events of his life - a breakthrough in many years of scientific work related to the development of a new Neutrinovoltaic power generation technology, President of the German-American corporation Neutrino Energy Group and CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, Mr. Holger Thorsten Schubart.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of the German-American corporation Neutrino Energy Group, CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH
Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of the German-American corporation Neutrino Energy Group, CEO of Neutrino Deutschland GmbH

Mr. Schubart, how can you assess the outgoing year?

Schubart. The year was difficult, as, indeed, and previous years. However, this year a clear trend towards a global confrontation of states has been outlined and deepened, and in all directions. The spiral of various sanctions and anti-sanctions is unwinding on the rise. Sometimes one gets the impression that such a confrontation is on the rise and can result in a military conflict of the superpowers anywhere in the world. If you analyze carefully, then this confrontation is ultimately closed to economic interests that countries are trying to achieve in any way possible. The struggle is growing mainly for energy sources and markets for oil and gas.

With great concern, I state that the global confrontation is developing on the rise.Such a confrontation has already led to a rise in energy prices, which has an extremely negative impact on inflation, there is a massive closure of energy-intensive industries in various countries, and laid-off employees join the ranks of the unemployed.

Can you imagine what will happen in the world against the backdrop of a lack of fossil fuels?We are threatened not just by local conflicts, but by a general war of all against each and each against all.I have repeatedly spoken about this with concern at various conferences and in the press.

What, in your opinion, can reduce the risk of political and economic confrontation escalating into a global conflict?

Schubart. You know, many mistakenly believe that the stronger their own army, the less the risk of a threat of military action against their state. On the one hand, maybe, but I am a staunch pacifist and reject the solution of political issues in the world with the use of military force, but on the other hand, and I am deeply convinced that the army is an argument for deterring the enemy only until a certain stage of confrontation, politicians need to reduce aggression in the rhetoric of confrontation, learn to listen and hear each other and take into account the concerns and fears of partners, not otherwise, as in any business, and learn to compromise in order to achieve sustainable peace. Only through dialogue can consensus be reached on controversial issues.

I completely agree with you, but how to do it?

Schubart. Please note that now the confrontation front is on the line of fossil fuel extraction and the conquest of markets for its sale. If the world refuses to use fossil fuels as a source of electricity generation, and there are real prerequisites and chances for this, then I am sure that the level of political tension in the world will sharply decrease.

Energy issues are of key importance for ensuring the life of people. At the current stage of technological development, can alternative energy provide independence from fossil fuels?

Schubart. Alternative energy is now understood mainly as solar and wind generation. However, I consider these two types of power generation as intermediate links in the reorganization of the existing power supply system. They directly depend on weather conditions, which a person cannot influence and regulate, therefore these types of power generation are not guaranteed sources of power supply. They can only make up a certain proportion of electricity generation, playing an additional role in the energy supply system. Building huge power storage stations is currently not a viable idea due to high costs.

The power supply system should be guided only by commercial principles within the framework of existing environmental regulations. It is possible to subsidize certain ecological generation only at the initial stage of implementation. Further, the commercial principle of price formation, payback, reliability of power supply, availability of electrical energy for the population should work.

Your company has developed another type of alternative energy - Neutrinovoltaic power generation.At what stage of development are you now?

Schubart. 2021 has been extremely successful for us in terms of the development of our project.We took important and decisive steps in the creation of our technology, which led directly to the fact that investment companies accepted our development and saw the global potential for business development.Now we have enough capital for further development.

Can you share your plans for the development of your company?

Schubart. The current development of the company is directly related to the organization of the industrial production of Neutrinovoltaic power sources and the adaptation of Neutrinovoltaic technology for the needs of electromobility. To do this, in the past year we acquired two production sites in Germany, which are now being converted for the production of Neutrinovoltaic products and the expansion of research and development work. We pay special attention to the implementation of licenses for the production of Neutrinovoltaic products in various countries, because We estimate the market for Neutrino Power Cubes for residential power supply to be in the hundreds of millions in the coming years. A specific market for Neutrinovoltaic technology is its use in the electromobility sector: Neutrinovoltaic nanogenerators are incorporated inside the body of electric vehicles that will not need external charging from a centralized power supply system. We see a global market for our products, the needs of which we are not able to satisfy on our own, therefore we are looking for reliable and competent manufacturers around the world who have the desire and ability to organize licensed production of our products. We have already entered into such agreements with a number of companies from various countries, including Russia.

Can you briefly describe the Neutrinovoltaic technology you developed?

Schubart. Scientists at the Neutrino Energy Group have succeeded in developing a composite material that is dense enough to provide the necessary interaction with neutrinos and other particles of the invisible radiation spectrum for efficient energy production. The company's main invention is to create a nano-sized coating applied to metal foil that can use various types of radiation to generate electricity. A thin layer of silicon and a very thin layer of doped graphene are vapor-deposited on a metal carrier layer, which together are only nanoscale thick.

Exposure to various radiations and temperatures leads to the appearance of "graphene" waves, which can be observed through a microscope with high magnification. In contact with silicon layers, graphene donates electrons, which causes an electric current.

Neutrinovoltaic technology is fully ready and developed?

Schubart.The technology is completely ready for industrial implementation, but there is no limit to perfection, and we ourselves will continue to work on its further development and optimization and will involve the world's leading universities and research centers for its possible improvement.

Author: Rumiantcev L.K.

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